Monday, February 28, 2011

Changes in a Schedule

I really hate a change in schedule not because of the change but because I know what is going to be coming with my son when there is an unexpected change.

Today was a good example of a bad schedule change:

Monday nights are riding lessons (horseback).

The usual schedule:

Pick up grandkids from school, pick up son from school, go home and verbally remind my son that he goes horsebacking riding.

I then give him his afternoon pills.

Husband/dad gets home and then daughter arrives to pickup her children.

We hed to the car as husband/dad heads off to school.

Should be simple but it wasn't today:

husband/dad worked late, daughter called and was gonig to be late.

That was all it took - those two simple changes made for a horrible 30 minutes.

No one was where they were supposed to be.

So he sayd: Im' not going

Mom: yes you are going.

Son: no I'm not it is s free country

Mom - drops it for a little while to see if there is any calming. Did it help? no!

It has been up a notch. Yelling has entered picure and a cuss word here and there but then came the meltdown! He slammed his door so hard he knocked a picture of the wall that hit the piano.

I don't know if he had seen me so upset before. It was like a slap in the face - he was okay after he had picked up and then that was over. He got dressed was talking a teasing and ready to go.

I know it is going to be okay in the end it is the middle that I hate.

From my world to your....


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