Saturday, February 5, 2011


Clothes seem like a simple thing don't they? You wear clothes according to what you are going to do for the day or you change clothes a couple of times a day. Simple right?

Oh but they can be used or not used for so many more things.

One day I finally got him to school and we were talking to the counselor and asked him if he could make it the rest of the day. I know you're dying to hear his answer, ready? He said, "I can't go to class, I don't have a shirt on."

What did I learn from this? My normal now is to make sure he is wearing a shirt under his coat!

What can they be used for? He has been ready to get his hair cut and of course we forgot to take him, but there is still time for him to get his this evening.

I came in the front door and said to my husband - you've got to take him to get his hair cut.

Simpe enough right? Wrong. As husband ran an errand he put all his clothes in the washer and then took a shower. How can you go anywhere if all your clothes are wet?

But we changed the normal - go put your dress pants on and shoes and go get your hair cut!

Now my normal is to make sure he doesn't start his laundry when he needs to leave! Besides that - the washer was full and he had it set for "small load." It doesn't take long to check the washer for the load size, it is the remembering to check the washer load.

From my world to your world - have a great day.

Hmmm...... I think I need to tell you about nose bleeds and doctor appointments, next post I will do that.


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