Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh I did it again!

I was going to remember to give son his afternoon meds about 5 p.m.  Then what happens?  He goes out and gets on the 4 wheeler.  I call husband and ask why he isn't home yet - good reason he just got off work.  I told him to hurry.

Husband said no problem, just go ahead and leave, I know son just went to get his pay for mowing a lawn.  Okay 5:30 comes along and I leave.  I get in the care and as I pull out of the driveway their is son with the 4 wheeler and the lawn mower behind it and he has "knifed jacked" the 4 wheeler and mower.
He was trying to tow the lawn mower home.

So I called husband and told him he had really better hurry home.  When he asked what happened, I told him and he was so upset.  Then he calls me back and asks where son was - well, he was on the street when I passed him. What I wasn't home?  Nope you told me to leave.

I guess everything was alright with the mower but needed to be welded together in a couple of places.

Now I've not go tell myself - never again forget his afternoon pills; never again forget his afternoon pills - over and over and over.

From my world to your world.....


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm Going to Cry

I know I shouldn't.  But guess what?  The counseling office just called and they cannot give my son to the male therapist because he can only accept clients with sooner care!

Then why in the world did they first assing him to this therapist?

Now after getting past the crying part I have to sit back and remember that it is in the Lord's hands and perhaps the therapist he is going to have will be the one the Lord knows will work best with my son.

I've just got to remember that things will work out.

Now of course if I had really good insurance then I would not be going through the schools I would be going through a private therapist but since most insurances will not cover therapy for Autism I can't do that.

From my worl to your world....



My son has counseling throught he school system.  We requested it in May 2010 and it finally began in October 2010.

However, he has seen 3 counselors since October and will now be starting his 4th counselor.  The first one was sick and had to quit.  The second one was fired, and the third one all of a sudden disappeared.

About a month ago a counselor called to see if we wanted to continue and yes we do; however, this was a man and my son never did well with a man. 

But upon thinking and pondering about it I decided that this may be a good thing.  He will probably have more insight into what it would be like for my son to take his service dog to school, understand the type of bullying that might occur and give him instsructions on how to handle things.

We have an appointment next week.  So I am hoping things work out.  I am not telling my son that it is a man that he will be working with.

Hopefully this one will be staying with the agency and things will work out.

From my world to your world.......


Monday, June 20, 2011

Finally feeling better

After being sick most of last week and hardly eating anything he is finally feeling better. He was sleeping 12 to 13 hours a night and not eating duirng the day - and this was after he temperature was gone.

He hardly ate anything last week and he is no back up to eating half of what he used to. 

Hopefully he doesn't get sick again this summer.

From my world to yours.....


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

He is sick

He hardly ever gets really sick but when he does he goes all the way!

He was up about 4 times Sunday night and Monday morning he had a fever of 102.  He has a headache, sore throat, and his back hurts.

They doctor didn't do a strep test but did put him on antibiotics.  He only thought he was better lasat night.  He was up for a while this morning and is now back in bed asleep.  It would be nice if he could sleep most of the day and wake up feeling fine.

From my world to your world.......


Friday, June 10, 2011

Well, I blew it, but I'm not telling anyone!

I blew it last night.  I wanted to see how my son did without his afternoon dexedrine.  I thought maybe with the 2.5 mg of namenda and his lithium things would go pretty smooth.

Boy was I wrong!

First, he lights the grill and then yells for help.  Why you ask?  Because he light all four burners and my dear husband had not emptied the thing that holds the grease.  So again you are asking me why he was yelling for help - well let me tell you - the grease caught on fire and it he grill looked like it was on fire.

He was only supposed to light the two middle burners.

Second he is getting the tongs out of the drawer - he agains askes dh to please come help it because something is stuck.  DH is tired so he doesn't get up to help son and guess what happens?  The drawer is broken!

Third, he gets out the french fries to put into the deep fat fryer and again I hear him yell:  "Were there two burners on?"  Guess what?  My daughter and I had both used the stove and so it was hot.  We had just turned off the burners and the lights were still red and he had put the plastic bags of fries on the stove and now there is melted plastic on my smooth top!

Fourth, he puts too many fries in the fryer and oil is splattering everywhere!

Never again will I try and skip his dexedrine! 

That wasn't even the end of it.  He went up to feed the cows and came back with blood on his shirt!!!  He cut his finger on the barbed wire fence.

Of course he had the key to the gate in his jeans but he didn't look hard enough so he climbed the fence!

But I wasn't about to tell anyone all this was my fault because I experimented with his medications.

So what did I learn?  That dexedrine still plays a vital roll in his daily care.  Yes, the namenda kept him calm but it didn't help his concentration like the dexedrine does.

From my world to your world........


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Online registration for Jed Baker

Here is the link for the Jed Baker conference - No More Meltdowns

There is a $50 fee for parents.

From my world to your world.....


Catch Up

I'm still trying to play catch up.

I saw on the news yesterday a clip about parents being able to select which school they want their children to attend.  You have to have a certain income (which means you cnanot be rich).  It goes into effect in August just in time for school.

I'll have to look for more informaton on it.

Jed Baker will be in Oklahoma City June 16.  He is great and has so much information on children's behavior.  You don't have to have a special needs child.  I am looking for the registration information.  Once I find it then I will post it here.

From my world to your world.....


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Long Time No Post - Sorry

Sorry it has been an entire month since I last posted.  This month has just been really busy and I've been running with it.

Trying to keep my son in school the last month was becomming a trial. He wouldn't go on Mondays and would come home early on  a day or two the rest of the week.

I worked on trying to get him on disability but what I got was an official denial so that I can try TEFA - which I have not had time to do.

Then it was time for his IEP meeting.  That was a basic nightmare/struggle/totally upsetting event.  The parent advocate that was going to attend with me broke her knee and I wasn't informed until the day of the meeting which left me scrambing to find someone to go with me.

I did find someone and she did help.

The classes are good:  woodworking, art, compouter apps, computer website building, history, math, and English.

But the behavior plan is a two edged sword that is not balanced but ready to strike down my son.  I wrote two pages of concerns just on that part of the IEP and turned them in. 

We are going to have another meeding before the actual day of school starts.

I promise I will post mroe soon and explain why a bad behavior plan is a dangerous plan.

until then.....

From my world to your wold......