Sunday, February 6, 2011

Doctors and Nose Bleeds

I told you in my last post I would share the story about the doctor and the nose bleed.

He has several doctor appointments every month sometimes up to 3 in one week.

You might be wondering what is so important about the appointments other than just being a doctor appointment. Let me tell you....

The appointemnts have to be times "just so." He hates going to school and getting him back to school after an appointment can be and is challenging. Hence the times are important.

With this doctor we were trying it on his lunch time. I bought a pizza, picked him up from school, and off to the doctor. I was speaking with the doctor when he poked his head in the door. I knew he had been blowing his nose - actually - everyone knows when he is blowing his nose, it is not a quiet blow.

The doctor mentioned that it looked like he had a nose bleed. I'm thinking in my mind when she says that, "please don't say that you don't know what can happen."

He left and I told her that he can cause his nose to bleed and not just a little bit either. She shook her head acknowledging my statement. Okay don't believe me.

We left her office with his prescriptions and we went into the waiting room because she wanted to talk to him. He wasn't there. We looked around and then I noticed the bathroom door closed.

I called to him through the door and asked if he was in there. Yes, he was. This is what transpired:

Me: Open the door.

Son: I can't.

Me: Why?

Son: I have blood on my hands.

Me: What is happening?

Son: I have a nose bleed.

Me: Okay reach over and unlock the door.

Son: I can't.

Now during this conversation with my son the doctor is standing there and the receptionist is trying to figure out how we can unlock the door. There is no key!

Me: Get a couple of paper towels and open the door.

Son: Okay

Door opens.

Oh my, if it had not been my son in there I think I would have been sick at my stomach! There was blood everywhere and I mean everywhere in that bathroom.

He was bent over the toilet, the water red with blood, blood on his hands, all over his face, on the mirror, on the floor, on the door, on the toilet paper and a couple of places that I didn't see immediately.

I got him basically cleaned up and then started on the bathroom. Fortunately the doctor was a good sport about it and was helping me. I threw away the toilet paper, cleaned up the toilet the doctor was working on the sink and the mirror. Then we were both working on the floor and the door.

I then told the doctor - Nothing like first hand experience!

Well, of course he didn't go back to school, blood was on his clothes and the doctor said maybe he had better stay home!

New normal? Don't tell him it looks like his nose is bleeding or it soon will be!

From my world to yours...


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