Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I should have remembered!

Yes, I should have remembered the clothes!

The other night I asked him to put his clothes in the washer. He told me they were clean.

He attends an early morning church class for high school students in the mornings before school - after that we go back home and have an hour or so before school - works out great.

Well... we got home from that class and I noticed him laying on the couch covered with his blanket.

It was like I heard a warning bell going off in my head.

I asked: Do you have your clothe on?

Son: No they are dirty.

Me: running the clothes to the washer to get them started.

They weren't dry in time for him to get dressed for school and he said he wasn't going to go - but I found another pair of jeans and told him to get dressed.

If you're wondering why would I be worried about his clothes let me tell you.

He wears the same thing every day. Same shirt and jeans so they have to be washed often.

Hopefully I'll remember next time he tells me his clothes are clean!

From my world to yours......


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