Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Research Research and More Research

Guess what I have been doing lately?  Yes, you got it Research!

The ADA, DOJ, and individual State laws on Service Dogs.

The ADA and DOJ (Department of Justice) have the federal law and they have explained that a service dog is one that performs work or a task.  Work applies to PSD/austism service dogs.  PSD is psychiatric service dogs.

Oklahoma purposely leaves out that verbalogy "work or task".  I have been reading the laws etc and have emailed a site with my questions and asking them if they could clarily the terminalogy that has been left out of the state.

Their opinion is that a service dog would come under the "accomodation" section of an IEP.  We will have to see.

I do enjoy researching but I do get caught up in it. 

Now I am thinking about making my non-profit not only for laptops, tablets, and programs available for asperger's syndrome kids but also making available scholarships for those who have a dog or think they have a dog that would make a suitable service dog, so they can have them trained.

I kind of did my first one today - no foundation formed yet, but did find a sponsor for a scholarship for a kid going to the autism camp this week.  The ball is in her court now.  If she calls the dog trainer or not is up to her.  If she does then I'll make sure the sponsor follows through - if she doesn't the sponsor will be more hesitant the next time.

Less than one month to go before son's IEP.  Where does the summer go?

From my world to your world.......


Monday, July 25, 2011

First Day of Camp

He really didn't want to go but went pretty willingly this morning.  Of course, I am sure that had something to do with the fact that if he wants a cell phone he had better not complain about going to camp.

This is a "trial" camp for teenagers with autism.  They go on field trips and work on their life skills at the same time.

Today they went to the zoo.  Tomorrow is the Omniplex.  Wednesday is an outdoor activity again.  It may not be a good thing with this heat.

I'm also researching service dogs for autism.  They are very similar to psychiatric service dogs.  The information I have found on the website for the Department of Justice seems to be pretty cut and dry to me.  A service dog performs work or tasks.  Mental work is work period. 

If the service dog helps him deal with crowds and transitioning from one class to another ........It seems pretty simple to me.  Maybe that is the problem - it is simple!!!

From my world to your world......


Thursday, July 21, 2011

I have realized.....

That I have let him stay by himself too much this summer.  He doesn't want to go anywhere unless it is with his dad and then he wants to come right back home.

DH took him to a youth fireside the other Sunday and DH was upset when they got home.  When I asked why he said becaise son wanted to come home as soon as the fireside was over and didn't want to stay for the banana splits. 

I told son that if he didn't stay as long as his dad wanted to stay then I would start taking him or I would find a ride for him.  Hopefully, that "threat" helped.

Next week is a camp for autistic teenagers.  It is kind of a "test camp" to see how it goes.  Of course son does not want to go, but I am making him.  He thinks I should pay hiim $55 to go!

They are going to have a good time.  The zoo, science museum, a nature park, and swimming.  There will only be 5 kids going so that shouldn't be too bad.

From my world to your world......


Monday, July 18, 2011


Off on the 4-wheeler somewhere. 

My solution?  Take something off of the 4-wheeler so it won't start but don't let son know about it, but DH doesn't want to do that.  He thinks he can just tell him not to go on the road and not to ride at night.  Actually, husband thinks he can say this each time and then each time he wonders why son doesn't do as he asks.

Husband does not like my answer - you have to have a consequence and you have to mean it.

So, we're back to my suggestion.  Take something of the 4-wheeler so it won't start - then he can't ride the 4-wheeler in the street or in the dark.  Simple isn't it?  Well, one would think.

From my world to your world......


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I don't want to go to the doctor tomorrow!

That is what he told me tonight when I reminded him of his doctor's appointment tomorrow.

I informed him that he was going.  He had to let her know how he was sleeping and feeling.  He told me that I could tell her that he was sleeping just fine.

Nope. Not going to do it. 

Well, he thinks he has figured out a way to stay home.

He is changing the oil in my car.  That is good it needs to be changed.  But what one thing would prevent me from driving me car tomorrow? Misplacing the bolt to the oil pan!

Yes, he did.  Dear Husband said he lost it.  Son said he misplaced it.  Not 5 minutes before this happened I asked my husband to please don't let him ruin my car.

I told him he had better find the bolt now and not sometime tomorrow afternoon when the dr. appointment would be over!

From my world to your world......


Monday, July 11, 2011

New Counselor

We finally had an appointment with the new counselor and it seems like it is going to work out.

She is going to attend the IEP meeting with me before school starts so that will be good.

Son really seems to like her and that is another good thing.

I never tell son that I think things are going to be difficult but the counselor said he can probably feel it so I need to keep a positive outlook for the coming school year.  I think I can usually be positive about things but I've struggled so long with the schools that having a positive outlook is getting difficult.

The counselor does agree that if we can get his service dog into the schools then it will open the door for other kids and their service dogs.

In a few months I have to start working on getting partial guardianship - not sure how that is going to work out.

Once son turns 18 I have no say in his education - which I think is just really stupid, so partial guardianship will take care of that.

Son went to our youth conference and I think he did pretty good.  The only times that I could tell that were difficult was when there was nothing for him to do, other than that I think he had a good time.

From my world to your world...........