Friday, February 18, 2011

Will I Jinx It and Driver's Ed

Everytime I have said: "We've had a couple of pretty good days" it seems to go down hill in the very next moment.

So I hestitantly say: "We've had a couple of pretty good days!"

He has gone to school without argument and actually stayed in school all day yesterday and today.

He has not argued with me and we've had some good laughs together.

With that being said I sure hope tomorrow will not go to pieces.

I received an email today about ABA - Applied Behavior Analysis.

It was forwarded through a couple of support groups until it reached our support group.

She has recently graduated and has her own business. She will come into your home and help you with a behavior plan and will also consult with your school.

I did contact her and I will send her more information on my son. She only takes military insurance but has a reduced rate for private pay.

I've worked with with a person who specialized in ABA and they are wonderful and work perfectly with the school system but that time it was with a nonprofit agency.

To be honest - it would turn me into a nervous wreck for her to come into our home because I know that I have a lot of improvement on my part.

I would love for her to consult with the school.

I don't know if this is just in my state or every state but we applied tot eh State Department of Rehabilitation.

They not only help with finding work but they help with Driver's Ed and school.

We did the intake Wednesday and we should have the paper work to sign next week. Once I send that back in then the instuctor will interview my son and decide if he thinks he is ready for the driver's ed training. If he thinks he is ready then they will help him not only to drive but study for the written exam.

I do hope they say he is ready. I don't want to get his license right now but his driving permit.

From my world to yours...


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