Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I should have known.....

Or should I have known?

Yesterday morning my son was not very excited about going to school. I was giving him his time line as to when we would be leaving when...

In kind of a "poor me" voice he said:

"Mom, I'm going to go feed the cows."

He never tells me when he is going to feed the cows and I usually have to remind him. Should a danger signal gone off in my head? I still haven't come to an answer on that question.

To continue,

A few minutes later he was outside my door crying:

"Mom, hurry."

Never the words I want to hear.

I stepped out of my bathroom to see, what on his forehead, but blood. He said he tripped and hit his head when he was feeding the cows and now there was no way he was going to go to school looking like that.

I clean up his face and told him he looked fine now lets go.

If you're wondering "did he make through the day?" No he didn't. Just half of the day.

This is not the end though.

I came home last night after teaching my class at church just to hear:

Son: Mom remember my long sleeved shirt?

Me: Yes, why are you asking?

Son: It was torn to shreads when I was feeding the cows. I leaned in to pour the feed and caught my shirt on the barbed wire and now my shirt is gone.

My first response was: You are going to school tomorrow so go find another shirt.

That was no easy task since he only wears two different shirts and he hasn't worn his other long sleeved shirt in two weeks so he didn't know where it was.

Is he abnormal of hurting oneself to get out of school a normal in my world? I think it is.

From my world to yours...


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