Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A good start...

For this morning.  He went to school and didn't say anything about me picking him up early.  So hopefully no meltdowns today.

I really can't imagine what is going in his mind.  It must be terrifying.  Did I tell you yesterday that the counselor said he was in her office crying and upset and didn't calm down until he knew that I was going to pick him up at 11:30?

Here is what I am wondering:  Was he really crying and upset or was he making himself cry?  I don't know and I don't know how to found out.

The only times I see him cry are when his feelings are really hurt.  I wish he was able to put into words what is going on.    

I am going to ask his dr. about the medicine that has helped some autistic people communicate their feelings.

From my world to yourr world.....


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