Saturday, March 5, 2011


Processing processing processing. It it what it looks like when I ask, tell, or speak to my son - you can see it in his eyes - processing, processing, processing......a few minutes later he will then answer or do what I've asked him.

I have to remember that and I have a hard time remembering that he needs extra time to process information. It doesn't matter if it is something that he is reading or if someone is speaking to him.

I really think I have seen how this works when I have stood back and watched:

When the horse trainer has asked him to do a specific exercise with the horse I was really amazed. I heard the comment, I new he heard the comment/command, I saw him sit still, then there was something in his eyes, then it connected and the command/exercise was carried out.

Now, I have to tell myself: don't keep asking over and over - allow time for processing.

Hmmm... sounds kind of like the last post except it is me who has to get it into my long term memory that I need to pause and give him time to process.

It is almost like they are frozen in time for just a second. When one of my other sons has asked him to do something he just stands there for a second or two. I can imagine the message entering his ears, the message is being sent to the brain but instead of going straight to the brain, his is hijacked by some other nerve center (not sure what to call it) and is forwarded to different centers before it is then delivered to his brain. I hope that makes sense.

So be patient it really only takes a few more seconds for it to register, which in our fast paced world my seem like a long time to us.

From my world to yours....


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