Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This has been one of those days

When you go from one extreme to the other - from this sweet young man to who is this child?

This morning was sweet. I had put my scriptures on a chair while I did something else. He picked them up to move them and I said be careful with them remember they're kind of old.

He then said - there is your memory bank. I said what? Memory bank?

He said, yes mom, your scriptures are your memory bank everything you need is in there.

Awe - how sweet!

But an hour later when it was time to go to school we were searching the house for his glasses. I knew I had seen them last night but I couldn't remember where. He said they were no where to be found and that he thought he could go to school without them until 12 p.m. when I picked him up for his appointment.

Then I knew what had happened - he had hidden his glasses in an effort to not go to his afternoon classes.

I'll admit I wasn't very sweet myself then - I told him that if I used up my one free hour this morning looking for his glasses and found that they were hidden he would think grounding was a brezze in the park. When I came back in from starting the car guess what? Yes, he had his glasses on.

I dropped him off at school, ran home, ran to my dr. appointment, ran home and picked up his service dog and then ran to school to pick him up, I even had to call the school to ask them to get him out of class and waiting for me.

And what is he doing when he gets up to walk out to the car. Think setting up a scenario so he doesn't have to go back to school after the appointment. He was limping and told me that he had twisted his ankle and wouldn't be able to go back to school.

I just told him that yes he was going to go to school.

Then he showed me a study guide for a test he had tomorrow. You may be wondering why that would upset me. Let me explain.

In his IEP it states that I am to have a corrected study guide emailed to me 4 days prior to the test. I even sent out a reminder email last week and haven't received any study guide.

So how am I supposed to study with him for tomorrow when it take a couple of days to study on one subject?

Next then I received return phone call from Project Peak. They do behavior analysis for autistic children. This was requested last November. They did the observation in January and I still hadn't heard anything from the school to go over the results so I called them.

She informed me that they were waiting on the school to contact them because the school wanted them to come back out. She also wanted to know if I wanted them to send what they had or wait on the school. I told her that I would contact the director of special ed.

So I am somewhat upset. How do you set up a behavior plan when you won't even be able to implement it when there are only a few weeks left of school. It will be difficult to say the least.

We get to the therapist appointment. There he has a major meltdown. The good part of the appointment was that we got the paper work together for them to fax to apply for Disability for him.

He was still upset in the car telling me he wasn't going to go back to school. And he was like that until I dropped him off from school.

So I run home to leave the dog again, call the director of special ed, call project peak back informing her that the directo of special ed would be calling her.

Run to walmart, run home, gobble a bite to eat and then leave to pick him up from school. He was happy and ready to go to church tonight and was the happy go lucky excited about going.

Everything is great right - it seems like it. Here is the tricky part - when do I give him his afternoon meds? Too early and they wear off too early, give them too late and he won't be ready to go to church. I think it hit it about right. He did have a meltdown about going but after 15 mintutes things were calmed down.

Hopefully they will stay that way for the rest of the evening.

Is there a new normal here. Yes. Don't get upset or dicouraged when they days happen and they will happen most likely more often than not. Others may have only one of these days with their children that are not autistic but my normal is very different and I'm not going to beat myself up over it.

From my world to yours......


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