Friday, August 26, 2011

Udates - might be long.

The meeting went great.  The superintendent said she saw no problem with having the dog in the school.  I told her how I wanted to start the dog out slowly and they all agreed.

The director of special ed was great.  Everytime someone would say:  "We'd like for him to eat with everyone, or we'd like for him to develop some friends."  She would interject that this was the nature of autism - they have a hard time making friends and would like to just be alone.

We have to get liability insurance for her, son is in control, if he can't control her - and before the read the rest of the sentence I said:  You have every right to remove her and have me pick her up.

So that part was great.

But when I picked him up he was walking from a different part of the campus.  He was really upset when he got in the car.  The 7th hour teacher made him walk with her to the area where the kids ride the bus.  That was weird since he doesn't ride the bus.

We reminded the principal of that this morning.

Once he calmed down things seemed to go a little bit better.  We were watching our favority show when he said:  Lying to a disabled person is just unheard of.  We both cracked up laughing.

But he kept telling me he wasn't going to school today.  He said that all night long.  After I gave him his night pills he barracaded himself in his room.  I wasn't concerned too much about that because I knew he would get hungry and would have to come out.

He did take everything down but he was in tears.  He must have cried for about an hour.  He finally told me that some other boy was really giving him a hard time.

I really wished I could have taken him in my arms and say that everything would be okay and that he wouldn't have to go to school.  But I know he has to go.

This morning he continued to tell me he wasn't going.  Once I knew that his morning pills had kicked in I told him we had to meet with the principal and that we wouldn't take anything with us except his dog.

So of course he put on old clothes and we went.  We met immediately with the principal discussed our options, coped with son not being too nice, and then he was given his choices:  he could stay at school with his dog or he could stay at school without his dog.

He was trying to keep me from leaving so I just walked around the room instead of trying to push by him.

I went to the car and got the dog's backpack and brought it back.  The secretary took it to him and said he was doing fine.

I picked up his dog at 11:30 and dropped off a pizza for him.  They are going to look for a place for him to eat that is not so noisy as the cafeteria.

I take the dog back in about 30 minutes for the last hour of class then I come back home, then leave again, pick up another pizza for him, pick him and his dog up from school and take him to  his therapist appointment.

It looks like I will be going to the school about 5 times a day for a couple of weeks.  But I'm a mom and that is what moms do - help make their children successful.  Although, I must say I am planning tomorrow to get everything I need for next week because I won't be making any runs into the city or to the stores.

From my world to your world.......


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