Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Can I Do This?

He is already sitting things up for not going to school tomorrow.  He said he head hurts and he is laying in bed in the dark.

Some good news is that he did not use bad language with the secretary.

He wants to take his service dog tomorrow.  I have written a letter to the superintendent and will deliver it tomorrow.

They are only allowed to ask two questions:  if the service dog is needed for a disability (duh!) and what work the service dog does is you can't see it.  In my letter I answered both questions but I think that I will add if his service dog is allowed to attend school with him we can cut back on all the absences.

I've got to remember that he was up at 4:30 this morning because he couldn't sleep.

The principal did fix his belt for him and he'll have to wear another belt tomorrow.

The stress of wondering if the phone is going to ring will it be the school?  The stress of wondering how hard it is going to be to get him into the car in the morning?  This stress is extreme.

I'm going to tell him to mention to the principal that he wants to bring his service dog to school and that I have written a letter to the superintendent about it.

I have a call into the regional Office of Civil Rights.  For some reason it seems to fall under them instead of the ADA - at least that is what the director of special ed said on Monday.

I was going through his papers today and realized that the teacher of record removed all modifications from his IEP.  He has two regular ed classes and will need those modifications.

Maybe because it isn't starting out well it will go better as the year goes on.

From my world to your world......


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