Thursday, August 25, 2011

I have a meeting!

This afternoon with the superintendent of schools, the assistant superintendent of schools, the director of special ed, and the hs principal.

I had a very hard time getting him to school this morning.  I told him if we left early enough that we would stop by the administration building and give the letter to the superintendent.  She wasn't there but boy were they passing that letter around to different people.

Then we left to go to school.  Son did not want to go unless his dog could come with him.  We went in and waited to talk to a principal.  We talked for about 10 minutes and I gave son a choice.  He would go to class as his dog and I left, or he could stay and talk while his dog and I left.  He kept trying to make deals and finally I said - since you are not making a decision I will,  I got the dog and left.

The therapist wants to use rehab instead of his dog.  I want to use both of them.

Then about 30 minutes after I got home the superintendent called and wanted to know if I could meet this afternoon.

I switched his appointment and will be meeting with them.

From my world to your world......


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