Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1st day of school

He was fine until it was time to go.  After he brushed his teeth he called me into the bathroom and said he had thrown up.  He was bending over the toilet but I think he must have used his finger.

He wanted me to promise that I would come pick him up if he threw up in his mouth.  I told him I would pick him up if he threw up on the floor in front of someone.  What  a wonderful conversation.

I had his IEP meeting on Monday.  They said I would have to write a letter to the superintendent about his service dog.

Their answer has changed each time I have asked about him bringing his dog.

I emailed his principal and several of the teachers but I have not heard anything back from them yet.

I did tell him there would be someone there to walk him to each class.  When a class lets out she would be outside the door in the hallway and she would take him to class.

Hopefully, she will be there, if not I am really going to be upset.

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