Tuesday, August 2, 2011

School is just around the corner

And I can sure feel the pressure.  I emailed the director of special services and asked if she would be contacting the necessary people for the IEP before school started or did I need to contact them.

I received a very short blunt reply that the teachers do not come back until the 18 and so it will have to be after that but she would make contact with the teacher and with the principal.

I replied and thanked her for her help and asked that she give me a few dates that would work for them once she made contact and then I would let her know which ones would work for me.

Son's therapist says for me to stay positive.  I really try but the stress of yet another IEP meeting and so much riding on it makes me feel really weighted down.

I've done some research such as reading the Department of Justice definition of Serivce Animals, contacting the Bazalon Law Center for Mental Health, reading the statutes of Oklahoma Law concerning service animals and trying to put that all into a readable format.  Reading when federal law overrides state law etc.

Now I am wondering how to put son's team together.  Do I use the same parent advocate?  Do I call Legal Aid or do I try and find an attorney that will work pro bono?  Do I even need an attorney?  Do I look for an advocate that doesn't cost too much money?

And then I have to remember to put it in the Lord's hands and listen very carefully for the Spirit when I am making these decisions.

From my world to your world.....


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