Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Research Research and More Research

Guess what I have been doing lately?  Yes, you got it Research!

The ADA, DOJ, and individual State laws on Service Dogs.

The ADA and DOJ (Department of Justice) have the federal law and they have explained that a service dog is one that performs work or a task.  Work applies to PSD/austism service dogs.  PSD is psychiatric service dogs.

Oklahoma purposely leaves out that verbalogy "work or task".  I have been reading the laws etc and have emailed a site with my questions and asking them if they could clarily the terminalogy that has been left out of the state.

Their opinion is that a service dog would come under the "accomodation" section of an IEP.  We will have to see.

I do enjoy researching but I do get caught up in it. 

Now I am thinking about making my non-profit not only for laptops, tablets, and programs available for asperger's syndrome kids but also making available scholarships for those who have a dog or think they have a dog that would make a suitable service dog, so they can have them trained.

I kind of did my first one today - no foundation formed yet, but did find a sponsor for a scholarship for a kid going to the autism camp this week.  The ball is in her court now.  If she calls the dog trainer or not is up to her.  If she does then I'll make sure the sponsor follows through - if she doesn't the sponsor will be more hesitant the next time.

Less than one month to go before son's IEP.  Where does the summer go?

From my world to your world.......


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