Monday, July 11, 2011

New Counselor

We finally had an appointment with the new counselor and it seems like it is going to work out.

She is going to attend the IEP meeting with me before school starts so that will be good.

Son really seems to like her and that is another good thing.

I never tell son that I think things are going to be difficult but the counselor said he can probably feel it so I need to keep a positive outlook for the coming school year.  I think I can usually be positive about things but I've struggled so long with the schools that having a positive outlook is getting difficult.

The counselor does agree that if we can get his service dog into the schools then it will open the door for other kids and their service dogs.

In a few months I have to start working on getting partial guardianship - not sure how that is going to work out.

Once son turns 18 I have no say in his education - which I think is just really stupid, so partial guardianship will take care of that.

Son went to our youth conference and I think he did pretty good.  The only times that I could tell that were difficult was when there was nothing for him to do, other than that I think he had a good time.

From my world to your world...........


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