Thursday, July 21, 2011

I have realized.....

That I have let him stay by himself too much this summer.  He doesn't want to go anywhere unless it is with his dad and then he wants to come right back home.

DH took him to a youth fireside the other Sunday and DH was upset when they got home.  When I asked why he said becaise son wanted to come home as soon as the fireside was over and didn't want to stay for the banana splits. 

I told son that if he didn't stay as long as his dad wanted to stay then I would start taking him or I would find a ride for him.  Hopefully, that "threat" helped.

Next week is a camp for autistic teenagers.  It is kind of a "test camp" to see how it goes.  Of course son does not want to go, but I am making him.  He thinks I should pay hiim $55 to go!

They are going to have a good time.  The zoo, science museum, a nature park, and swimming.  There will only be 5 kids going so that shouldn't be too bad.

From my world to your world......


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