Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh I did it again!

I was going to remember to give son his afternoon meds about 5 p.m.  Then what happens?  He goes out and gets on the 4 wheeler.  I call husband and ask why he isn't home yet - good reason he just got off work.  I told him to hurry.

Husband said no problem, just go ahead and leave, I know son just went to get his pay for mowing a lawn.  Okay 5:30 comes along and I leave.  I get in the care and as I pull out of the driveway their is son with the 4 wheeler and the lawn mower behind it and he has "knifed jacked" the 4 wheeler and mower.
He was trying to tow the lawn mower home.

So I called husband and told him he had really better hurry home.  When he asked what happened, I told him and he was so upset.  Then he calls me back and asks where son was - well, he was on the street when I passed him. What I wasn't home?  Nope you told me to leave.

I guess everything was alright with the mower but needed to be welded together in a couple of places.

Now I've not go tell myself - never again forget his afternoon pills; never again forget his afternoon pills - over and over and over.

From my world to your world.....


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