Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Long Time No Post - Sorry

Sorry it has been an entire month since I last posted.  This month has just been really busy and I've been running with it.

Trying to keep my son in school the last month was becomming a trial. He wouldn't go on Mondays and would come home early on  a day or two the rest of the week.

I worked on trying to get him on disability but what I got was an official denial so that I can try TEFA - which I have not had time to do.

Then it was time for his IEP meeting.  That was a basic nightmare/struggle/totally upsetting event.  The parent advocate that was going to attend with me broke her knee and I wasn't informed until the day of the meeting which left me scrambing to find someone to go with me.

I did find someone and she did help.

The classes are good:  woodworking, art, compouter apps, computer website building, history, math, and English.

But the behavior plan is a two edged sword that is not balanced but ready to strike down my son.  I wrote two pages of concerns just on that part of the IEP and turned them in. 

We are going to have another meeding before the actual day of school starts.

I promise I will post mroe soon and explain why a bad behavior plan is a dangerous plan.

until then.....

From my world to your wold......


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