Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My son has counseling throught he school system.  We requested it in May 2010 and it finally began in October 2010.

However, he has seen 3 counselors since October and will now be starting his 4th counselor.  The first one was sick and had to quit.  The second one was fired, and the third one all of a sudden disappeared.

About a month ago a counselor called to see if we wanted to continue and yes we do; however, this was a man and my son never did well with a man. 

But upon thinking and pondering about it I decided that this may be a good thing.  He will probably have more insight into what it would be like for my son to take his service dog to school, understand the type of bullying that might occur and give him instsructions on how to handle things.

We have an appointment next week.  So I am hoping things work out.  I am not telling my son that it is a man that he will be working with.

Hopefully this one will be staying with the agency and things will work out.

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