Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A shirt!

Amazing how a shirt can cause such havoc in the morning. 

We were in the living room at 7:45. 30 minutes before we were to leave for school and what does my son do?

He takes his shirt off and tells me it needs to be washed for school. 

Okay - so I am telling myself not to overreact.  I take the shirt and run to the washer, throw it in, put the washer on warm warm and start it.  There is a reason I used warm warm - that is because the filture must be plugged up on the cold and it takes forever for the water to fill to the correct level.

I go back and tell son that he is going to school and he says:  "I know."  Once done I through it in the dryer with a dry towel.  After 10 minutes I throw in another dry towel and call the school and tell them he is going to be a little late.  I also emailed his teacher the same.

The second dry towel did the trick.  I grapped the shirt and tossed it to him.  Of course he had to check to make sure it was totally dry, and then he put it on.  I wanted to say Ha Ha I know it has to be dry everywhere.

And then after prayer we were off to school.

I'll gladly let him stay home on Mondays if it means that signing a contract will get him to school the rest of the week without a fuss.

From my world to your world.....


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