Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Okay, so you're wondering if I finally lost my mind and can't even talk any more.  Let me assure you this is not the case.

I heard on the news a month or 2 ago that there was a drug that helped Autistic people form their thoughts so they could express themselves.

At his dr. appointment last week I asked my son's dr. if she had heard of this.  Yes she had.  It is a drug for alheizmer patients and happend to have a good side affect

I asked about trying and she agreed since there were no bad side affects.  Oh my.  How thankful I am to a loving Heavenly Father.  I feel like I have my little boy back.

He has been talking to people - yes, people he already knows, but all the same he has been talking and has been able to express himself better than ever before.

We have not had any major breakdowns or meltdowns.

He is on 5 mg/day but starting tomorrow will go up to 10 mg/day  and we'll stop there and see how things go.

I don't know if this medications will work the same on all autistic people but it is worth a try.  Please pass the information on to others.

From my world to your world....


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