Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good Websites

Here are some good websites that I was given from an online crafting friend.

You do have to have a computer for your child and for me that is an uphill battle, but, I did have a thought this morning.

What if I created a nonprofit organization for donated computers and money to buy computers and then I could give them out to kids with special needs, for those that really could use a computer in school but just cant't seem to get the school to give them one.

I do plan on asking my sister how I should/would go about this.  But until then these might be of interest/benefit to you and your children.

Grammar, English Grammar | Ginger Software

Student Planner - The StudyMinder Homework System School Planner

Inspiration - Comprehend. Create. Communicate. Achieve More. |

From my world to your world.....


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