Monday, April 11, 2011


It was a bad night.  I was really tired lasat night so I asked my husband to please give son his pills.  He said okay.

That didn't make a bad night what made the night not so fun was that son was up all night! I kept asking dear husbnad:  "Are you sure you gave him his pills?"  "Did you watch him take his pills?"  "Did you look under his tongue?"

Oh man I felt like I wasn't going to make it.  I kept telling him to please just go to bed and son kept saying he couldn't go to sleep.

You may wonder what he did all night - well let me tell you some of the things that he did:  looked for food, in and out of his room, cooked and ate a pound of bacon.

I did not send him to school.  I knew his morning meds would keep him going through the day but I knew what would happend after school - he would be so tired and totally grumpy and then  there were problems going to his horse back riding lessons.  So I was selfish - what would be easier and better for me and for him - let him sleep.

I woke him up for his homestudy seminary study and then I let him go back to bed - but before he went back to sleep I had him sign a contract.  Yes, a contract.  It said:

I will go to school the rest of the week and go back to school after my doctor appointment on Wednesday.  I will also go whever my mom want me to go.

He did go with me too.  We went to Hobby Lobby so I was able to use two 40% off coupons on some batting for quilting and a page protector for a couple of love notes that my great aunt and great uncle had given each other and they are 100 years old.

I'm guilty - if he is going to stay home then I'm going to all the mileage out of the situation that I can.

In case you are wondering he did sleep until 9:00 a.m.

And if you are courious why he didn't go to sleep last night, let me tell you.

I asked husband tonight if he say son swallow the pills?  He said yes, he saw them put them in his mouth.

Did you look under his tongue?  No he didn't.  While we were talking I told son that he was going to go to bed early because I had already taken my sleeping pill and so I would be giving him his pill tonight and therefore go to bed early.

Son said he wanted dad to give him his pills.  I don't think so.  Then son said:  Well, maybe one of the pills slipped back into the cup so he may not have taken it.

Case closed!

I gave him his pills at 9:15 and at 9:34 sound asleep.  Yeah!

From my world to your world....


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