Sunday, October 2, 2011

Latest Doctor Appointment

Of course he didn't want to go to the the psychiatrist appointment - what's new right?

She always calls me in first.  I told her she needed to look at his hands and arms.  She was going to see a lot of scabs from his anxiety.

And I informed her about the tremors that I was seeing but didn't know if they were happening at school.  I can't seem to get the teachers to let me know if they are seeing any tremors.  Maybe they aren't so they don't feel like they need to tell me anything.

She was in somewhat of a quandry.  Change the anxiety medication or try and change the medication that might be causing tremors.  We went with the change of the anxiety medication.

We were supposed to have a meeting this Tuesday for a change of placement.  The principal is thinking of giving him Friday afternoons off from school - which I was the one who originally suggested that.  But then son's therapist said she just was not the therapist for our son but she was a family therapist and she does not want to let son have Friday afternoons off because she wants me to have some time for me.

I am really torn here.  I'm the mom I should be doing what is necessary for my son's success.

On the other hand I have an autism conference I really want to attend - if son is not in school I can't attend the conference.

I have been invited to be a break out speaker at a special education conference.  If son is at home then I won't be able to accept that invitation.

So I don't know what we are going to do.  The school wanted all dr. appointments after school or before school.  To be honest that is killing me.  When school is over son is ready to go home so it is not always plesant to take him to an appointment.

The therapist would like for son to have mini breaks during the school week - the therapist appointment and the rehab therapist appoiontment - on different days of the week each week if he is working hard in class.

Now again on the other side the principal wondered if that would really work because son needs consistency.

We had the meeting set for Tuesday at 11:15 but the principal is going to be out of the building so I'm not sure what day the meeting will be.

They should be contacting me tomorrow.  I really hate these decisions!

From my world to your world.....


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