Monday, October 3, 2011

I only thought

It was going to be a good day.  Things went fine this morning and during the woodworkign class.  But then when I picked him up he was fourious.

He threw my door open and put the dog in and then said he was going back into school.

I parked and went in - it was not a pretty site.  He was mad becuase no one said:  Yes, stay home from school tomorrow becuase it is your birthday.

Oh he was cussing and kicking the chair in my car.  So I decided to drive straight to his therapist appointment.  Didn't want to get hom and fight to get him back into the car.

We waited about an hour.

First thing discussed was that I was unders to much stress that I needed my own therapist to help me sort things through and to figure out how I can get help with someone watching his service dog while in woodworking.

To make this long story short - he was not a happy camper when we told him he was going to school.

All the way home:  how I hated him, how he was going to run away, I didn't love him I only got him the dog so he would be quiet.

I called husband and told him I was going to need help and that son was going to school tomorrow.  Husband called back and said he didn't see anything wrong with son staying home.  I explained that we could not give in now.

Later this evening husband said:  Son you are going to have to pick another day to stay home.

But then husband told me that son was having some problems with a kid saying some very disgusting things.  Husband had better call the principal in the morning!

All is calm not but I am tired!

From my world to your world......


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